Atlantic City Helicopter Charter

Starting off from a Manhattan Heliport, you float away to the sky above traveling as a celebrity would.  Leaving New York City below catch the view of the metropolis from above.  What a pretty sight as the skyscrapers reach up with their splendor.  Cruise through New York Harbor where the endless beaches of the New Jersey Shore come into view.  An Atlantic City helicopter charter with Awesome Flight is the amazing way to travel!

The exclusive highway in the sky is a welcome difference from the bumper to bumper traffic you see on the New Jersey Highways.  As the destination skyline comes into view you realize that you’re speeding along at the fastest and most scenic way to Atlantic City from New York City (approximately 55 minutes each way.)  What a relaxing way to start a boardwalk and beach trip.

Awesome Flight LLC offers one-way charter service to Atlantic City, NJ from Westchester County Airport starting at $1,790 and from New York, NY starting at $2,001.  Rates are valid Monday through Friday 7AM-7PM and Saturday through Sunday 11AM-7PM. Outside the aforementioned hours and on holidays there are additional heliport fees (up to $250) and additional charter fees.  Three or four passenger seat helicopters are available.

For a list of things to do in Atlantic City click this link:

Ready to book, or want to fly from somewhere else?  Use our instant quote and booking system or call 914-450-2635 to reserve your Atlantic City helicopter charter today!

Note 1:  For an extra fee, round trip service may be available based on schedule.  Call us for details at 914-450-2635.

Note 2:  Pricing subject to change at any time.