Block Island Helicopter Charter

A Block Island Helicopter Charter is an amazing way to spend a summer day.  Skip the ferry and slow-way commute to the ferry!  Enjoy the Block Island scene from above: sand cliffs, rolling hills, and a quaint island setting.

Block Island Helicopter Charter

The Block Island Airport (BID) is walking distance to town or beach.  You can also get around by bike or taxi.  Yes, the island is small enough to backpack, but big enough to spend some time.  For more information about Block Island click this link:

Awesome Flight LLC offers one-way charter service to Block Island, RI from Westchester County Airport starting at $1,628 and from New York, NY starting at $2,111.  Rates are valid Monday through Friday 7AM-7PM and Saturday through Sunday 11AM-7PM. Outside the aforementioned hours and on holidays there are additional heliport fees (up to $250) and additional charter fees.  Three or four passenger seat helicopters are available.

Ready to book, or want to fly from somewhere else?  Use our instant quote and booking system or call 914-450-2635 to reserve your Block Island helicopter charter today!

Note 1:  For an extra fee, round trip service may be available based on schedule.  Call us for details at 914-450-2635.

Note 2:  Pricing subject to change at any time.