Why Air Charter?

  • The Time Machine – We save you quality time that you would otherwise lose
  • Convenience – Take the painless method of travel
  • Reliability – How often is public transportation on time?
  • Comfort – Enjoy the scene from the top
  • Prestige – For the select few, travel above the rest
  • Affordable – Luxury for less.  To see for yourself get an instant quote
  • Safety – Statically proven and operationally ensured.  Safety is our first priority

A Solution for Business

Awesome Flight LLC provides on-demand helicopter air charter services throughout the New York City Metro Area. Our guests travel on their own schedule in style and comfort. Air charter service offers fast and efficient transport for executives.  Arrive at your next meeting before the competition…

Busy Schedule?

Let us connect you and your clients between meetings. Remember that time is money. Have a remote location to get to? We’ll get you there. Speed along at 130 miles per hour and make your entrance from above.

  • Do the airlines give you a headache?
  • Are the major airports just too crowded?
  • Is security invasive?
  • Does your schedule constantly conflict?

An Amazing Way to Travel Personally

Take the convenient and exciting method of transportation to your weekend home, day at the beach or to visit family and friends. Stay relaxed and arrive refreshed. Planning a special event? Make it extra special with a helicopter air charter flight.

  • Vacation Home Commute
  • Beach Trips
  • Casino Trips
  • Snowmobiling/Snow Tubing
  • Amusement Parks
  • Indoor/Outdoor Water Parks
  • Outdoor Adventure

Also ask us about our regional and nationwide helicopter air charter adventures.

Popular Destinations

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