Helicopter Off Field Landings


More Than Just Airports and Heliports…

With prior approval and the correct safety considerations we can land on an open field, parking lot, golf course, front lawn or other location of your choice.  Yes, this can be really fun and incredibly convenient.

To conduct an off field landing we need the following:

1. Safe landing zone – We need the street address or latitude and longitude of the location so we can survey the site with GoogleEarth.  The spot where we land must be a cleared area of at least 100 feet by 100 feet, and a level area of at least 20 feet by 20 feet to set down the aircraft (less than 4 degrees of slope).  We need to know about any power, telephone, cable, and clothes lines in the area.  We also need to know about any poles, towers, trees, large buildings, and hazardous terrain in the area.  Animals must be penned and children must be held by an adult.

2. Permission from property owner – Written permission by the property owner is required.  An e-mail that we can verify suffices as written permission.

3. Local zoning does not prohibit helicopter landings or take offs – We normally request the customer check with your village, town, or city regarding prohibitions of helicopter operations locally.  The person who is in charge of code enforcement can usually give you an answer.  We prefer the customer do this as they may have contacts and know the local politics.  We will require the name and number (or e-mail) of the person you speak with so we can verify zoning.  As a courtesy, we also ask the local police or sheriff be informed about the off field landing so they are aware of the operation if any questions arise and in the unlikely event of an emergency.

(Note: Off airport or heliport landings are not allowed in New York City, Westchester County, Fairfield County, and The Hamptons.  The State of New Jersey also does not allow off airport or off heliport landings without a permit, which is about a one month process.   We have landed on private property in rural upstate New York, rural Pennsylvania, and rural Connecticut.  We also can land at many private airports and heliports with prior permission.)

Call (914) 450-2635 for more information.