With Awesome Flight your charter is private until you decide you want to share. Realizing that some customers would like to fill their empty seats to reduce charter costs, we’ve created a helicopter sharing option. Simply click “share my flight” during the booking process and your empty seats will be offered publicly.  You may offer just one seat, or up to all available seats.  If someone else books, your flight cost will be reduced by the fraction of the seats purchased by others.  It’s that simple!

To receive alerts about a specific destination please enter your information by clicking this link: https://awesomeflight.com/alerts/

To unsubscribe from an alert enter your e-mail or phone number after clicking this link: https://awesomeflight.com/alerts/unsubscribe./

Are you traveling opposite the normal direction of traffic?  Check out our Twitter page for empty legs and specials: https://twitter.com/AwesomeFlight

Note: Passengers can cancel their flight outside 48 hours of departure time without penalty.  Therefore shared flights and reduced costs cannot be confirmed outside 48 hours of departure time.