Post Storm Transportation

  • Are the airport runways closed?

  • Are the regional airlines delayed indefinitely?

  • Roads gridlocked or cut off?


Let Awesome Flight get you there with a post storm helicopter charter!

While we can’t fly in unsafe weather (fog, low cloud cover, thunderstorms, hurricanes, and icing conditions) we are often ready to go right after the storm clears.  Our aircraft are hangared at Westchester County Airport approximately 500 feet above sea level.  While Newark, LaGuardia, Kennedy, Teterboro, and other New York Metro Area airports may have flooding issues, we do not.  Don’t let the foul weather delays keep you grounded.  Call us now at 914-450-2635 to book your helicopter charter.  Communication intermittent?  Text us at 914-315-9845 or e-mail us at

This is Montauk Airport in the winter time.  Yes, there’s a runway in the backdrop buried with ice and snow.  No Pilatus or other airplane is landing here without the risk of sliding off the runway.  No problem for Awesome Flight!  We operate when it’s hot or cold, with our climate controlled helicopters.